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Monday, 03 October 2022
Did you know, Sport4life's website averages over 100,000 unique visitors per year (all connected to sport), making Sport4life the smart choice for your companies next advertising campaign.
Sport4life microsite links
Sport4life Micro-sites are connected to projects and organisations that are either run by Sport4life Ltd or supported by Sport4life Ltd.

Once created these sites are administered by the relevant organisation and are no longer managed or controlled by the Sport4life Team.  If you disagree with any of the content contained within one of these micro-sites or you believe content should be edited or removed, please contact the website administrator via the contacts page or contact sport4life's website administrator by clicking "here" please include a web link to the article that requires attention.

Thank you for you help in this matter: Alan Massey Sport4life's website administrator.

  Web Link Hits
  Link   Urban-Run
Urban-Run Manchester is a fantastic, high energy, high adventure addition to the World Class events programme in Manchester. All the ingredients are there for this to develop into one of the UK’s great Urban adventure races.
  Link   ParCup Golf
ParCup golf is a friendly golf society where members can play occasional games at other member's courses, at both private and public courses in and around the Greater Manchester area
  Link   Dave MacKinnon
Dave McaKinnon official website. Dave McaKinnon is supported by Sport4life and is managed as a sub project
  Link   Run4funuk
Run4funuk's official website. Run4funuk is a Sport4life project
  Link   Eastlands Stars Cheerleading Club
This is the Eastlands Stars Cheerleading Club's official website. Please be aware that the site content is edited by children from the Eastlands Stars and as a result may not always be politically correct or quite what you expect. Please be underst